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Pelican M6 Replacement Lens, UCL, Optical Coated
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  Model No. : Pelican M6 Replacement Lens, UCL, Optical Coated  
  Description :
Tempered Ultra Clear (UCL) Glass Lens with Multi-Layered Optical Coating for the Pelican M6 Flashlight.

This is a top quality product that will significantly upgrade your Pelican M6.

This tempered glass lens is way more durable and way tougher then the plastic lens that comes with the Pelican M6.

It can withstand a much higher temperature then the original plastic lens, not to mention the scratch resistance.

We applied the highest camera lens quality multi-layered optical coating to further improve the lens.

This is a must have upgrade for all users of the Pelican M6 where the plastic lens is notoriously known as the weakest link in the design.

  Price : US$8.50  
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