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E2-LED Single Mode LED Assembly, XP-G2, S5 LED
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  Model No. : E2-LED Single Mode LED Assembly, XP-G2, S5 LED  
  Description :
E2-LED High Output Single Mode LED Tower Module
(6.0V-9V Regulated Input)

-High Output Cree XP-G2, S5 LED (Max Output 380 Lumens)
-6V to 9V Regulated Input for Maximum Flexibility
-Maximum Current Output at 800mA
-Precision Machined Aluminum Lamp Assembly
-Every Lamp Assembly is Pre-Focused for the Ultimate Spot
-Compatible with all Flashlights that use the E Series Xenon Lamp Assemblies.

Compatible with:

E2 Series (Using 2 Cell Battery Setups)
M600B (Using 2 Cell Battery Setups)

Light that use MN02, MN03 Lamp Assambly


2 x CR123a Primaries: ~3 hours
2 x AW16340 Rechargeable: ~2 hours

  Price : US$38.00  
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