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August SIMX-LED Debut!!
May D26-LED, Pelican M6/M3 Version Debut!
March Scorpion-LED Debut!!
February HO-A2 New Design
February D26-LED Mil Spec'ed
January Old School Semi-Gloss Black E Tailcaps
August Like us on Facebook!
June Special Sale on EO-6
June New SIM-LED for Streamlight/Insight M Series Weaponlights!
June New HA3 Natural colour now available with M and E Series LED Heads.
May D26-LED, E Series LED Head Units upgraded.
May M3-LED and M3T-LED upgraded to XP-L
April Upgrading from XM-L2 LED to XP-L LED on existing products
April E2-LED Debut
December New line of accessories now available
November Custom E Series LED Heads 1 Mode, 1 Cell.
August E Series Tower Modules!
February Sales Office Closed fror Chinese New Year Holidays
January Lumens Factory Seraph SP Series Sale!
January Cree XP-G2, S2 bin LED used on D26-LED Lineup and updated Seraph SP Series options.
September Updated information on AW Batteries
August All XM-L products updated to XM-L2
March Switching to Wholesale Enquiries Only for AW Battery Sales
January Sales Office closed for Lunar New Year Holidays
January Online Shop Updated
December All batteries will now be shipped with Ground Post
July New Hong Kong Retail Location
March Warm Tint 90-CRI, XM-L Mini Turbo and Turbo Head Introduced.
February Chinese New Year Holidays 2013
November Product Runtimes Indicated for All Products
November M Series Mini Turbo Head Series, debut!
April Seraph XM-L M Series Turbo Head Unit, Debut!
April New Generation 2 E Series LED Heads!
March AW IMR-18350 Li-MN Batteries are back in stock.
January Chinese New Year Holidays
December E to C Adaptors now available
August Warm Tint 90-CRI, XP-G D26 and E Series Modules Introduced.
August C to M Adaptor, Generation II released!
April E Series LED Head Debut
April New 3 Mode Seraph P7 M Head is now available.
March Seraph SP-6 Ti, Titanium Limited Edition on Sale.
February Chinese New Year Hoilday Notice
January Seraph SP-6 Ti, Titanium Limited Edition Debut!!
November Seraph P7 M Series Turbo Head Temporary Sold Out.
September Seraph P7 M Series Turbo Head DEBUT!!
August Lumens Factory Lanyard. Free Gift Promotion.
July New IMR Reflector Modules for D36 Applications
June Seraph SP Series is now available!!
April All New Original Design Flashlight Release - Seraph SP-6, SP-9
April Multi Mode LED Modules DEBUT!!
February Lumens Factory is now the Official Authorized Distributor for AW Rechargeable Batteries
December IMR Series DEBUT!!
November D26-LED 3.7V Special, New Release!!
October D26-LED Revision A
September D26-LED, D36-LED Series DEBUT!!
July Lumens Factory Announces New LED Modules
April HO-A2 DEBUT!!
December HO-R5 DEBUT!!
August HO-M6R New Release!!
June M Series DEBUT!
May 12V, D26 Sample Run Lamp. Sold Out.
April Free Shipping to local orders in Hong Kong
March Sample Run 12V, D26 Reflector Modules
March New EO-4, EO-6 Debut!!
February HO-13, 13V 400 Lumens. Now available!!
February E Series DEBUT!!
January D26 and D36 Keeper Tubes now available!!
December Special Promotion Price for CPF Members!!
November LF-Inspector Penlite, Free Gift Promotion
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