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About AW Rechargeable Batteries

Since there are many customers inquiring about the AW Rechargeable Batteries that we carry, I would like to post some information to the customers who are interested in them here for their reference.

We have noticed there has been an issue of counterfeited or fake batteries bearing the AW brand, their packages are almost identical with the original AW batteries we have been carrying since 2005.

These counterfeit/fakes started to appear during the recent years (about 2011/2012) when electric cigarettes became popular, especially the IMR (Li-MN) line ups because they are mostly used to power these cigarettes.

Although these batteries are almost identical in packaging, they are NOT genuine AW batteries at all. These counterfeit/fakes are very dangerous and are do NOT have any qualifications or testings to back up their quality.

There has been number of reports from customers which can be found on flashlight forums and electric cigarette forums that these counterfeit/fakes exploded, overheated, leaked which are very dangerous to the user. Other issues include severe voltage drops, low capacity, very low operating cycles.

These issues are unheard of on original AW batteries, that is also the reason why AW batteries are know to be the best Lithium batteries available today.

So when you are selecting AW batteries from sellers, make sure you are getting the original genuine AW products. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Only buy AW batteries from respectable dealers.
    *”Some guy from Ebay” is not considered a respectable dealer.*
  2. If they are sold cheaper then most shops, that is a red light right there.
  3. AW batteries were never and will never be sold to companies in Mainland China. If you are buying from a company in Mainland China or batteries were shipped out from Mainland China, then that is 100% counterfeit/fake AW batteries.
  4. We have noticed a lot of the sellers of fake batteries has stole our product picture from our Online Shop and use it as their product photo. They have no right in using our product photos and if you see someone selling AW batteries using our product photos then you know what you are getting into. It is very easy to spot with the background no matter what watermark they put on top.

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